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iTunes Stuck Processing [Fix]

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iTunes Stuck Processing Fix


While updating some iPhone apps today in iTunes I noticed it was taking forever to process one of the apps after download so I opened the downloads window and there were 4 files all stuck on processing. I tried pausing them but iTunes was having none of it, I resorted to force quitting iTunes and trying again because iTunes refused to quit. The 4 apps were still in the update window on relaunch so I tried again and the same stuck on processing problem occurred. This time I tried to delete the files from the download window so I could download them again but again no joy.

This was rather frustrating so a quick google search later I saw there were plenty of others on Apple’s Support Community with the same problem so off I went to get some answers only to find the site down for maintenance grrr. I then decided to have a poke around in the iTunes folder itself and found the 4 files in the downloads folder, I deleted the files, opened iTunes again and updated with no problems.

The path to iTunes download folder isĀ ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Downloads and the files you need to delete are temporary files and end in .tmp. Delete these and you should be good to go.