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iPro – Concept Design

iPro Presentation 01


Interior designer and concept artist Kurt Merki Jr. has come up with a stunning design that would make Apple proud. The iPro desktop supercomputer boasts not 1 but 2 Mac Pros  tucked away inside a cylindrical base with a 35″ OLED Retina display that rolls off the top. With 10 built in speakers along the front of the base it shouldn’t sound too shabby either. The iPro looks like it shouldn’t stay upright, thankfully the iPro has a clever tilt button that sets the angle back 20° and also keeps the unit stable.

Unlike other Apple concepts I’ve seen in the past Mr Merki Jr. has really gone to town on this one with the design and specs, I almost believe and wish it was a true product.

iPro Presentation 02

“After seeing the 30th Anniversary of Apple, it inspired me to create a computer of my own. I imagined an “all in one” workstation which one would want to work with on a daily basis with endless power and a huge display. The Macintosh Classic was the starting point and thereafter it evolved into the iPro – Kurt Merki Jr.”


Check out the awesome iPro in more detail here.


iTunes Stuck Processing [Fix]

iTunes Broken

iTunes Stuck Processing Fix


While updating some iPhone apps today in iTunes I noticed it was taking forever to process one of the apps after download so I opened the downloads window and there were 4 files all stuck on processing. I tried pausing them but iTunes was having none of it, I resorted to force quitting iTunes and trying again because iTunes refused to quit. The 4 apps were still in the update window on relaunch so I tried again and the same stuck on processing problem occurred. This time I tried to delete the files from the download window so I could download them again but again no joy.

This was rather frustrating so a quick google search later I saw there were plenty of others on Apple’s Support Community with the same problem so off I went to get some answers only to find the site down for maintenance grrr. I then decided to have a poke around in the iTunes folder itself and found the 4 files in the downloads folder, I deleted the files, opened iTunes again and updated with no problems.

The path to iTunes download folder is ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Downloads and the files you need to delete are temporary files and end in .tmp. Delete these and you should be good to go.

OS X Adobe Folders

I was never too keen on the set of application folders that get installed with the Adobe Creative Suite, thankfully someone at lexander.biz felt the same way and made some spiffy new ones. Check out the link below for the free sets.

OS X Adobe Folders
“Adobe’s Creative Suite installs some nice folder icons with their apps but they don’t quite go with the aesthetics of Apple’s beautiful operating system. Give your Adobe app folders a makeover with this set of 22 replacement icons.”
OS X Adobe Folders (colour)
“If you’re not a fan of Adobe’s Creative Suite folder icons and want some harmony restored to your Mac then why not add a splash of colour and give your Adobe app folders the makeover they deserve with this set of 22 replacement icons. Your finder will thank you for it.”


Download Link